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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Tips To Help Keep Your Carpet Clean

  • Prevent tracking soil through your home (or business) with removable mats at entrances, inside and outside. Mats should be regularly vacuumed and cleaned. These mats will protect your hard surfaced floors, too.
  • When carpet is matted from the pressure of furniture, brush lightly or use the edge of a coin to rough it up. For difficult matting, use a steam iron a few inches from the surface, spray with steam and stroke lightly with a stiff bristled brush. Never touch the iron to the carpet. Hair spray may be used to set carpet pile that is not resilient.
  • In case of an accidental spill, act quickly! Pick up any solids that are easily removable. Then call Champlain Carpet Cleaning at 802-860-2849 for advice. In the case of muddy footprints, wait until they are thoroughly dry, then vacuum.
Treatment for Water-Soluble Stains
(includes most food, beverage, urine and vomit)

Avoid detergents containing optical brighteners. Do NOT use automatic dishwasher detergent or others containing bleach. Mix 1 teaspoon of mild detergent, such as Ivory® Liquid, into 1 pint of lukewarm water. Sponge the detergent mixture onto the stain and gently work the solution from the outer edges toward the center. A lather will form. Gently sponge off this lather with clear, cold water until all the suds have disappeared. Bane-Clene's Perky® Spotter and other spotting agents and cleaning and grooming tools are available from us.

Treatment for Solvent-Soluble Stains
(includes oil, grease, tar, crayon, lipstick and butter)

Use a product such as Carbona®, Energine® or K2R® available at retail stores. We have Bane-Clene's Citrus APS™ available, a stronger commercial product for removing tar, grease or other oily stains.

Carpet Is Good For You

It offers safety from falls, great eye appeal and is inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. It reduces fatigue by creating a cushion for legs and feet. Its wonderful insulating qualities save fuel and provide sound absorption that will make your surroundings more comfortable and enjoyable. It also contributes to keeping your air clean and fresh by absorbing soils and odors - as long as your carpet is cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.

What Can Happen To Your Carpet?

Residue from shampoo, dry foam, powders and bonnet carpet cleaning methods cause rapid resoiling. Carpet stains often come back because they were only pushed a little deeper by inferior cleaning methods. Hard floors show soil right away and need attention. Your carpet gets dirty, too, but it doesn't show soil because the dirt hides in the carpet pile. Dirt particles cause abrasion to carpet fibers that is magnified by light refraction, causing a dull appearance in traffic lanes. This abrasive action scratching your carpet fibers, if not removed, will decrease the life of your carpet and cause your carpet to "ugly out" prematurely.

How To Take Care Of Your Carpet

The three most important things you can do to care for your carpets and rugs between professional cleanings are:

1. Vacuum.    2. Vacuum.    3. Vacuum.

About 80% of carpet soil is abrasive dry particulate matter and can be removed by routine vacuuming. Dry carpet fibers will not be harmed by brushing, so a good upright vacuum cleaner with a reel-type brush is suggested to move the tips of the pile so dirt can be removed. Slowly vacuum traffic lanes with a back-and-forth motion in one direction, and then finish by going back-and-forth in the opposite direction. Change the bag or empty the vacuum often. Check the belt that drives the brushes and don't be alarmed by the amount of fiber you pick up from a new carpet; fiber ends that are not removed in manufacturing often appear the first few weeks during routine vacuuming (called "pilling").

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Only about 20% of the soil in your carpet needs professional attention. Brushing a dry carpet in your routine vacuuming will not harm fibers, but brushing fibers while wet may cause damage. Champlain Carpet Cleaning offers a safe, unique carpet cleaning system that uses no abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals.

Water pressure, temperature and the pH of the cleaning agent are carefully controlled so your carpet will be soft, the texture restored, colors brightened and better able to withstand future soiling.

There is virtually no residue in the carpet because nearly all of the moisture used in the cleaning process is recovered. Heavy cleaning equipment remains in the truck to prevent possible harm to your valuable possessions. We bring our own pre-softened water and don't use your disposal facilities. Dirty water and unpleasant odors go out through a sealed hose to the truck.*

*In most high-rise apartments and condominiums with elevators, our system is capable of portable operation without sacrificing the high quality of the service.

After Your Carpet Is Cleaned

Air moving over the surface will assure quick drying. The best drying temperature is 72 to 78 degrees F. Lowering humidity by means of a dehumidifier or air conditioner will speed drying.

Some Carpet Care No-No's

  • Don't remove protective blocks or tabs from beneath furniture until your carpet is thoroughly dry - at least 24 hours (it takes longer to dry under tabs and blocks). Call us if you need help removing them.
  • Don't allow draperies or bedspreads to come in contact with carpet while it is damp.
  • Avoid foot traffic on a damp carpet.

The Latest Technology in Carpet Care

Bane-Clene®, founded in 1962, has worked with major fiber makers and carpet mills testing products and updating training programs to include the latest in carpet care procedures. Major carpet manufacturers recommend carpets be professionally cleaned, and most recommend the Bane-Clene system used by Champlain Carpet Cleaning.

Certified Carpet Care Training Program

Bane-Clene system owners have the premier training program in the industry at their disposal. Bane-Clene Institute, which was founded in 1978, trains and certifies operators from around the world and in 2001 became the first industry school to earn the Carpet & Rug Institute's Seal of Approval.

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